5 Ways to Score a Deal on a Last-Minute Cruise

Not really sure how to score the best deal for cruising at the last-minute? Here I have assembled some best ways how to watch the internet for great bargains and deals that could encourage you to book your next trip:

Sign Up For Alerts From Discount Travel Sites

Many travel agency websites have daily or weekly email blasts that they send their customers to keep them informed on current promotions. Often, multiple agencies put up the same rate, but it does not hurt to sign up for various deals, just to make sure you do not miss a thing.

Check Out The "Deals" Section On The Cruise Line's Website

All of the cruise lines have a tab on their home page for the latest steals they're offering on cruises. These are typically available only for a limited time – only for some specific sailings, so while they are there make use of it.

Do not Expect "Peak" Travel

There's a reason why a cruise is being unloaded with little time to spare – and it's not because it's a hot seller. Calendar-wise, you probably will not find a last minute bargain on Christmas or New Year's sailings, Easter week or even Thanksgiving. You might – but do not hold out if you have your heart set on traveling during those times. On the flip side, you're very likely to find plenty of variety in the Caribbean during peak hurricane season (September through early November) or during the pre-holiday (first week or two of December) and the post-holiday (first two weeks of January) travel lulls. But never rule anything out. Some years, holiday cruises or peak summer sailings do not sell out like they usually do, and there are surprise bargains on commonly popular itineraries.

Remember To Check For Cut Rates At The 90-Day Mark

Three months before the sailing date all the cruisers should keep in mind, that this is the time many cruise lines put up discounts on their remaining cabins. Make a reminder on your calendar if there is a particular sailing time you want to keep a watch on.

Be Flexible With Ports, Times, And Destination

To get a great deal on your cruise, you may have to be ready to travel on a whim. Even though you might be able to find a great deal on the last-minute Caribbean cruise, it might not include your wish list of the ports, so be open to trying other destinations. Remember, if you do not live within the driving distance of the departure port then you might need to consider the cost of last-minute airfare which may eat up your savings.

Source by Hammad H Sheikh

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