Accepting Credit Cards

Everywhere you look today, you see them. The logos are plastered all over the entryways into most business shops you see on the roads, you seem the at the bottom of every order form page online or in the paper, and even the olympics and the NFL!

Visa and Mastercard logos are everywhere you want, or do not want them to be!

With the country today spending so much money on credit, with the "buy now, pay later" mentality, accepting credit cards will definitely increase your business simply by accepting these forms of payments.

Debit cards are standard becoming the way younger adults pay. Cash is becoming also obsolete as the 8 track!

National Translink Corporation has conducted a survey all over 10,000 merchants that have been accepting credit cards for over 3 years. What the survey found, was that astonishing 68% of the business owners estimated an average of 45% increase in sales within 3 months of accepting all forms of payment. And that their customer base, was 60% of all customers used some type of payment other than cash.

Do not limit your businesses ability to increase profits.

Allow any customer to pay in anyway way they can, to truly help your business grow!

Could you ever imagine Walmart not accepting credit cards?

What types of losses would the WalMart company post if every store did not accept credit cards for one week.

What makes your small business any different?

Source by T Scheer

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