Are You Caught in the Credit Card Trap

Do you stand at the check out and pull your credit card from your wallet and hope that it is not returned? If it is restored, what can you do now, leave with out your goods, use cash or look for another card that will take the purchase. Does this sound like you?

o How is it that we are all so reliant on credit cards for today's spending.

o Has the financial payment system contributed to our reliance on credit?

o When did you receive receive real cash to go and spend?

Going back a couple of decades weekly wages were paid out to workers in real cash. The amount was made up by the pay clerk and placed in small brown envelopes. It was a ritual on pay night to split up the money and put a certain amount aside for rent, bills, food, and save what was left to cover special situations, clothes or gifts.

There was no plastic cards in sight. You had to have real money to pay the electricity or telephone bill – if you were lucky enough to have a phone. Financially life was simple you had the money and you could buy the goods, or you just just gone without.

Today with the use of credit cards, there does not need to be the same consideration. We can just buy what we want and put it on the card and deal with paying the bill later.

For some folk paying the bill later is becoming more difficult, as the size of the debt increases. For many folk they are strictly clearing the interest each payment so their situation is deteriorating week by week.

To turn the situation around you need to revert to these old principals of living on what you receive and leaving the credit card at home.

1. Calculate how much you need to cover all existing commitments each week

2. Write it down

3. Select one debt to work on as a priority

4. Set aside an extra amount to pay on this debt every week

5. Stick to your plan until you have cleared one of your debts

If you continue to focus and perform these 5 steps, you'll be amazed at the results you'll see with your financial situation. Look out for ways you can increase your income, and put these extras onto the debt, an extra $ 20-00 a week amounts to $ 1040-00 in a year.
Small steps each week will get you to the top of your financial mountain.

So lets get started and make today the start of your financial journey to the life of your dreams. To Your success.

Source by Lyn Buckley

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