How "Boys Rule; Girls Drool" Mindset Effects Our Credit

We have very strong commitment when it comes to making a difference in our lives. We must change our habits. To change our habits we must change our thoughts and our feelings, would not we all agree?

We have been talking about the dominator / dominated system in our homes today.

When my six year old grandson came home from school the first of the year, he proudly announced what he had learned that day. He said, "Grandma, boys rule; girls drool!" No doubt he learned this on the playground, not in the class room !!

Friends, this is the mind set of a six year old. Does he understand the dominator / dominated relationship? Yet, with this programmed in his little mind, in his little concept of boy / girl relationship what will he have to overcome to create an equal partnership with his partner?

How many of us in our society think as this little child, boys / men rule and girls / women drool? This creates superiority and inferiority, the bully mindset, which then creates the "win the war" mindset, right?

When we have rule and drool, we have sides, we have a conflict, we have a breeding ground for strife, do not we see?

Why does our society think, act and react on the dominator / dominated relationship in so many areas?

Think about the dominator / dominated relationship when it comes to our teaching system?

What if children could also be the teacher for the hour? What if they could prepare and present the lesson for the hour?

What if the student and the teacher were both the teacher and the student in a partnership relationship?

What do we hear when we are at practice for sports? Have we just listened to the dominator / dominated relationship in the coaches' voices when training for the game?

What do we hear when authority is picking up their prey? Is not this a strong example of dominator / dominated relationship? Could there be a better way of taking care of the misbehaved?

Where has the dominant / dominated in our work place gotten most of us?

What if we could have partnerships instead of heads, bosses and employees? Does not it really sound like a rank; the boss and the employee? How could we have a boss if there was no employee?

What if we had partners for our business? What if every employee, including the window washer and the janitor, could be in partnership in the business?

What if we all shared equally in the profits? What would happen to our productivity? What would happen to the wages, instead of hourly wages, we shared the profits?

What if we could really change the mindset of "boys rule, girls drool"?

What if we could really start our homes with an equal partnership instead of a head of the home and the submissive one?

What if we could really be partners in our families' finances?

What if we could partner with each other as adults and then with the children when they can contribute to family living?

What if we could take the money we spend at the bank every year on interest and use that money for the betterment and the happiness of our families?

How many of us know how much we spend at the bank each year on interest alone? What would it look like if we took all of our interest money into the bank on December 31 each year and handed it over to the banker in one lump sum? What would this feel like?

What if we took our interest money to the bank in one hundred dollar bills each year? How many one hundred dollar bills would it take to cover our interest this year?

Friends, we must see what we are doing to our society, see what we do and what our neighbors do each month does effect all of us, we really are all in this together.

Do we really think we can wait for the media, the educational system, or the banking system to make the necessary changes to stop the things that create poor credit, or will it be up to each one of us and our families?

Friends, before the week is out how about getting our families together and having a round table discussion on partnership, responsibility, finances and dominator / dominated relationships?

Can we feel in our hearts, in our soul, it is really up to us to make the change. To have a different mindset, to take different actions and not just react when we see something to purchase?

Please let these words take hold in our soul, in our hearts and radiate out into our society.

What if "if it is to be, it is up to me" is really true?

Let's give ourselves a second chance, we all deserve it. Let's create new habits for new outcomes. Let's leave the mindset of boys rule, girls drool behind and let's be in this together.

Source by Dottiedee Glass

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