How to Make Free Phone Calls Using Your Browser

Everyone is talking about VoIP telephony. You might have used Skype once in a while and talked over the internet yourself. But not everyone wants to install software on his computer or use a headset. Now there’s a new and free service to make phone calls using your web browser and your regular phone.

Freebuzzer gives you the ability to make free international calls from your web browser. No registration or credit card is required and callers won’t need any software or downloads to use the new Freebuzzer service, just their existing phone. Advertising and special offers for callers cover the cost of the calls.

To use Freebuzzer’s service simply go to on your computer. At the site, enter the phone number from which you will place the call, along with the phone number of the person you want to call. Freebuzzer will then connect both phones free of charge.

Freebuzzer’s service can be used from more than 42 countries, including: Andorra landline, Australia landline, Austria landline, Belgium landline, Canada, Chile landline, Cyprus landline
Czech Republic landline, Denmark landline, Estonia landline, Finland landline, France landline, Germany landline, Gibraltar landline, Guam landline, Hong Kong, Iceland landline, Ireland landline, Israel landline, Italy landline, Japan landline, Korea South landline, Liechtenstein landline, Luxembourg landline, Malaysia landline, Monaco landline, Netherlands landline, New Zealand landline, Norway landline, Panama landline, Portugal landline, Puerto Rico, Singapore landline
Spain landline, Switzerland landline, Taiwan landline, United Kingdom landline
United States, Vatican City landline, Virgin Islands US landline

Consumers will be able to make up to three international calls per day and can talk up to two minutes per call.

I strongly recommend Freebuzzer for short or medium calls to international destinations that are covered by this service – it’s never wrong to save a couple of dollars.

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