LED Lights for Your Pool

Many people enjoy lighting up the outdoor areas of their home throughout the year, and not just at Christmas. A beautifully lit lawn, deck, and pool area can provide the perfect setting for a backyard barbecue, outdoor wedding, or summer party. But decorative lighting doesn’t just have to be brought out when your guests come over. Adding a little mood lighting can quickly turn your backyard oasis into a true refuge.

LED lighting is becoming a very popular choice for lighting pools of all sizes. Because of their long life and efficient energy use, LED light bulbs are quickly replacing other, older forms of lighting. Not only does the long life of an LED light bulb mean that you spend less money on replacements over the long-term, it also greatly reduces the inconvenience of replacing bulbs in hard to reach or inaccessible places. LED lighting also creates a directed stream of light, with several colors available, that makes it ideal for use underwater. With so many new LED pool products available, you are certain to find the right fit for your pool, whether a fully in-ground or an above-ground, vinyl sided pool.

If your pool is used after dark it is essential to have good lighting available for safety without creating harsh spotlighting that will ruin the magic of night swimming. LED lights that hang on the side of your pool are a great way to light up the area to keep everyone safe, while at the same time keeping the lighting soft and discreet. If you want to add lighting to your pool for more decorative purposes, LED lights are available in several colors in various products. Illuminated roses can float over the top of the pool, or you might try colored underwater lights that create various color and strobe lighting effects. Regardless of how you want to add light to your pool, you are sure to find an LED pool product that suits your needs.

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