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  Liangshan exclusive automobiles and auto parts industries have sprung up everywhere, in less than five years, the county’s Special Purpose Vehicle manufacturers and parts manufacturers develop to 52, employing more than 5,800 people, the auto industry reached 780 million yuan of total assets, products, developed into 10 series over 100 varieties, special-purpose vehicle production accounts for one-third of total output, becoming the country’s largest trailer production base. In 2004, the county produced a total of 36000 sets all kinds of modified cars to achieve sales income of 2.3 billion yuan, profits and taxes 230 million yuan.

In such an economically non-payment of Liangshan Daxian, there are 3 billion in annual sales revenue over production of private enterprises to enter the trailer of “civil modified vehicle manufacturers and products directory”, which are Dongyue, Tung Asia and Arima.

Liangshan County trailer industry started in the last century the late 80s and early 90s roadside Electric Welding farm machinery repair shop, when the Liangshan and the surrounding affluent farmers began to use tractors engaged in transport, while some hate boxing sit Dento Dipu Town of farmers in the vicinity of State Highway 220, opened one after another of the dozens of simple Electric Welding repair retail outlet, that is, they engage in the farm machinery repairs, service package in the first batch of rich farmers, and gradually learned to manufacture tractor trailer. With the gradual popularization of automobile transport, 90 end of the decade, a number of farmers who had the foresight to turn to car production all trailers, semi-trailer.

Over a period of time to develop, Dongyue, Tung Asia, Arima Ebb Tide emerge as a true industry leader Liangshan trailer. Liangshan trailer industry, the rise, so that relevant supporting enterprises are also springing up quickly to take out. It is understood that there are large Liangshan County car sedan, steel rings, tires, spring, small screws, PRC mother and other trailer accessories, spare parts dozens of ancillary businesses. Auto parts industries, to a certain extent, for trailer production of a material basis for the development of enterprises and the trailer has led to the development of the entire parts industry, Dongyue, pass the three leading enterprises in Asia and the Arima trailer production of basic can be achieved on the local matching. Liangshan trailer, as well as supporting the development of industry concentration, forming a special trailer industrial ecology clusters.

In 2005 can be said to Liangshan County trailer industry development in the history of a landmark year. Not long ago, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers has just been officially awarded the Liangshan County, “China’s trailer (private cars) production base,” the title and approve the contractor by the Liangshan Prefecture in September at the “2005 China (Yangsan) Special Vehicle Fair.”

In recent years, Liangshan Prefecture always with trailer manufacturing industry, mainly as the “industrial-li County,” a major initiative to establish a development fund, credit guarantee centers and legal service center has set up a Special Purpose Vehicle Manufacturers Association, in an enterprise project , land acquisition and other aspects of the way the green light to continuously optimize the development environment.

Government support to Liangshan trailer as well as ancillary industry is booming and the local effective transfer of surplus labor, an increase of their income. Yue Zeng was told reporters that the company has more than 600 workers Dongyue major sources of secondary school graduates, rural surplus labor, county agricultural machinery plant laid-off workers, the company 1,500 yuan monthly wage per employee, and free room and board, 70 yuan monthly subsidy . Arima A total of more than 700 employees, of which 70% are laid-off workers. Liangshan County, according to statistics, the trailer and its supporting industries to absorb a total of more than 5,800 social workers to form labor up to the local absorption of radiation leading role of the strongest pillar industries.

Liangshan trailer industry’s rise and its impact on the local county economy pulling further enhance the county government to build the “China trailer Capital” confidence. Liangshan County People’s Congress earlier this year, “Government Work Report” on the set this year’s development goals, “bigger and stronger in order to Dongyue, Tung Asia, Arima and so on as the lead, trailer manufacturing of machinery, Special Purpose Vehicle based to build the country’s largest trailers, special vehicles, modified car production and sales base, with annual sales income reached 30 billion yuan, profits and taxes 250 million yuan; run special-purpose vehicles in China Yangsan fairs, the Liangshan trailer special vehicle on a national level, create a ‘China Trailer City “

Liangshan trailer industries, the key depends on the concerted efforts of business and government. The main body of economic enterprises, is to take the initiative to adapt to the changing situation to seek new development opportunities. For the government, is to coordinate to solve the major issues involved in the development and build a space for the development of industrial clusters to develop specialized industrial support policies introduced in the development of space, elements of the supply, brand, etc. to give active support training.

By the end of August, by the national and provincial group of experts to guide the design of “Liangshan special car industry development plan” will soon release the implementation of, this is the first trailer Liangshan County, a blueprint for industrial development. Liangshan County, trailer, special vehicle manufacturing industry is a step by step toward a more brilliant future.

Now Liangshan (boxing shop) and trailer production accounted for one-third of the country, accounting for one-half of Shandong Province.

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